Web product manager

We have decided to strengthen our team with a new product manager for web solutions. We know how to do things right, your task will be to ensure we are doing the right things.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Properly grasp the project in the initial specification phase and lead the project to a successful launch.
  • Collaborate with other teams involved in the development of our web applications - backend developers, designers, idea makers, marketing.
  • Monitor product performance metrics, perform data analysis, and identify areas for optimization and growth.
  • Stay up-to-date on trends related to product management.

Our core principles:

  • You're not alone - Code reviews are the cornerstone of our development process. We consider them an important mechanism for ensuring code quality and one of the most crucial tools for continuous improvement.
  • People matter the most - Our team culture is built on proactive and timely problem-solving. Regular and frequent 1-on-1 meetings are essential for the proper functioning of the team.
  • We have style - We have defined our coding style guidelines and implemented tools to enforce adherence to them.
  • We don't believe in universal technologies and solutions - Our primary technologies are Symfony and Vue.js, but our technological stack includes much more (Angular, Gatsby, Magento, Lumen, Strapi, Wordpress). For each project, we seek the most suitable solution.
  • We strive for improvement - We are constantly looking for better approaches and tools that meet our requirements. We encourage every team member to bring new ideas and are not hesitant to implement them.
  • We pay our technical debt - We are aware of our technical debt, so we regularly update our internal technological roadmap. But most importantly, we address it as we go along.

Personal qualities and skills:

  • 3+ years of experience in product management (web solutions are an advantage).
  • Proactivity and coming up with new ideas to improve not only the product but also the processes leading to its creation.
  • Willingness to constantly learn and improve.

Employee Benefits:

  • A great space for self-realization and a high degree of freedom in determining the direction of products.
  • Room for self-realization and a high degree of freedom in determining technological direction
  • Work on internal projects
  • Interesting benefits (travel benefits, discounts at various e-shops, free exercise app)
  • Salary commensurate with your experience for this position
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