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Programming guy

We're fortunate to work on fascinating projects with talented people.

However, we're always on the lookout for more like-minded individuals to join our team and help us continue to grow and innovate.

We have style

GrumPHP ensures that our coding style guidelines are met with each commit, thanks to its integration with PHPStan, Codesniffer, PHP CS Fixer, PHPMD, and PHPCPD.

We don't believe in one size fits all

While Symfony and Vue.js are our primary technologies, we have also utilized Magento, Gatsby, Strapi or Wordpress to address specific requirements of our projects."

We put people first

Our team culture revolves around regularly solving any problems that arise. We consider frequent and regular 1-on-1 meetings to be a fundamental tool for the proper functioning of the team.

We are a team

Peer code reviews are a fundamental building block of our development process. We consider it to be the best way to learn as team and as an individuals.

We want to constantly improve

We are constantly seeking better approaches and tools that meet our needs. We encourage all team members to suggest improvements, and we are not hesitant to implement them.

We pay our debts

We are aware of the technical debt in our projects, which is why we regularly update our internal technology roadmap. But most importantly, we continuously address it.

Our approach:

We employ an Agile approach, utilizing either Kanban or SCRUM methodologies depending on the project requirements.
Continuous learning
We recognize that the tech industry is constantly evolving and that continuous learning is essential for staying relevant.
Right tool for the job
We are always trying to find the right tool for the project in our toolbelt. If it isn't there, let's go shopping!
Continuous delivery
Our software development process involves short cycles, enabling us to deliver features to production on a daily basis.

Technologies behind our projects:




PHPSymfonyMariaDBMySQLMongoDBApi PlatformMagento Open SourceGrumPHPVarnishKeyDBNginx


REST APIgitlabGraphQLSlackKibana
Pelikan is the biggest vendor of tickets in Slovakia. We helped them with creating various configurable widgets which allows their partners to offer Pelikan's services on their websites.

Main technologies: Vue.js


Instagym is an online excercises platform and organizer of offline fitcamps. We have created new tailor-made platform built on Symfony and Vue. It provides built-in LMS, complex CMS for web content, management of users and subscriptions.

Main technologies: PHP8, Symfony6, Vue.js, Nuxt, Api Platform


E-shop specialized on underwear. It operates on 3 markets and serves more tha 200k customers monthly. E-shop is powered by a highly customized Magento Open Source. Its ecosystem uses many custom built supporting apps: Feed manager, RMA, Scanning app (for warehouse), Courier app (for ordering postage services).

Main technologies: PHP, Magento Open Source


E-shop specialized on selling shoes. It operates on 3 markets and serves more than 400k customers monthly. E-shop is powered by a highly customized Magento Open Source. Its ecosystem uses many custom built supporting apps: Feed manager, RMA, Scanning app (for warehouse), Courier app (for ordering postage services).

Main technologies: PHP, Magento Open Source


Return merchandise authorization system which allows e-shops to manage all kinds of customer problems - order returns, claims. It works as self-service for customer and covers the whole lifecycle of returned order. It also measures the effectivity of this process.

Main technologies: PHP, Symfony, MongoDB, Vue.js

Our Team

Few words from our team members

As an in-house software house for companies like Pelikan and United Fashion Group, we have the opportunity to work on very interesting projects. Additionally, we have helped them significantly streamline the development of new products. Working on internal projects allows us to focus more on the quality of delivered solutions as well as the well-being of individual team members.

Michal Chylik

I'm a Frontend Developer specializing in Vue.js, JavaScript, and TypeScript. I also work with Ionic, React, Gatsby, creating dynamic and user-friendly interfaces. Quality is assured through my use of Cypress for front-end testing, and I skillfully manipulate data through REST APIs and GraphQL. I am constantly learning to deliver the best possible digital solutions to customers.

Dominik Novák
Front-end Developer

I’ve been fascinated by technology since childhood. Despite my young age, I have already managed to complete several interesting projects. My journey started with my own framework, where I learned many principles of working in PHP. After four years of self-study, I decided to get a full-time job at Codeblocks, where I could devote myself to programming full-time. During this time, I had the opportunity to work on several interesting projects in various technologies. We are a very good team and we push each other forward.

Patrik Mokrý
Backend Developer

As a Project Manager, my relentless passion for flawless execution propels me forward. With meticulous attention to detail and an undying love for all things organized, I fearlessly charge into the chaos, bringing order and restoring harmony. By fostering collaboration, providing guidance, and smoothly adapting to changing circumstances, I strive to create an environment where programmers can unleash their full potential, soaring to new heights of excellence. Together, we overcome challenges and consistently deliver outstanding results. Join our team and experience the remarkable journey for yourself.

Denisa Pavláková
Project Manager

We are a small IT company with a friendly and respectful atmosphere. Our young and enthusiastic team is always ready to help each other and improve. We encourage self-development and offer opportunities to choose roles and work on diverse projects. Our team leader fosters an open and fair environment, making it ideal for those with a technical mindset and a drive to grow.

Libor Botka
Backend Developer

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PHP Backend developer

We are looking for a PHP backend developer to join our team.

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Web tester

We have decided to take our web application testing to the next level and are therefore looking for a dedicated web tester to join our team.

Web product manager

We have decided to strengthen our team with a new product manager for web solutions.

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